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Your issue.

Processing unsold goods in accordance with your C.S.R. policy and increasingly demanding legislative requirements.


After each collection you are faced with the question of how to destroy your unsold items and certain unused raw materials.


You cannot dispose of them via secondary networks if you wish to avoid altering your Brand.


You are committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility policy that no longer allows for stock to be destroyed.


You are affected by the Law of 10 February 2020 on the fight against waste and the circular economy.

The challenges you face with your collections.


To improve eco-design by integrating the ability to recycle components right from the design stage.


To use assembly and manufacturing methods that take dismantling into account.


To identify closed-loop opportunities for
reusing materials.


To establish a chain of custody for materials
throughout the production chain.

The recycling challenges.


Have clean material.


Be aware of its exact composition.

ReValorem guideline

recycled materials

Articles processing



new raw

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- Design of new products
- Return to supplier
- Sale to other manufacturers

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- Energy recovery
- Filling material

Your requirements.

Faced with the global challenge posed by recycling, you are looking for:


a reliable third party who can take all your
constraints into consideration, propose a
tailored solution and be proactive.


an engineering partner who can advise you
on eco-design issues: materials, industrial
processes, traceability, etc.

Our solution.

We take responsibility for recycling and recovering your unsold or damaged products, as well as any raw materials and off-cuts, while respecting your constraints: product safety, ecological, social, regulatory and environmental standards. Our service is carried out entirely in France, with:


Social rehabilitation workshops, for the manual dismantling of items.


R&D laboratories to find innovative outlets, if necessary.


Local industrialists for the recycling of materials or the reuse of RRM (Recycling of raw materials).

Our business.

To give new life to the materials used in your unsold or damaged items and to your stocks of unused raw materials and production off-cuts:


Manual dismantling of items in social rehabilitation workshops in France, in order to obtain the purest possible material.


Technical classification and grouping of each material into homogeneous categories.


Transformation & recycling of each material in an independent sector (polymers, leather, metal, fabric...) for a second life.

Assistance with the sustainable development of your products:.


Materials, LCA and recyclability.


Design, composition & manufacture.


Traceability and tracking of materials.

Our method.

We work in project mode for all our industrial operations:


We analyse your products (type, composition, formulation, etc.), volumes and constraints.


We carry out a Pilot Project over the course of a few weeks to validate the process, the recycling and disposal solutions, and the final price list.


We set up a dedicated, secure production line.


We manage the project on a daily basis and deliver RRM (Recycled raw material) to interested industrialists and partners.

For our Services business, we work on a bespoke basis:


You inform us of a specific requirement (team training, R&D of new materials, production audit, LCA calculations, special project support, etc.).


We submit a proposal based on a fixed price or a daily rate, including any estimates from subcontractors.


We manage the project.

Where are we based?


Paris. Our head office is located close to our customers. We manage the whole business from there.


Charleville-Mézières. Our industrial site in the Ardennes serves our customers' needs throughout Europe.


New York. We have been managing our local clients here since March 2022.


Savannah, GA. Our US industrial site where we handle all local volumes.


Milan. Commercial and production coordination office.

Illustration de l'étape de préparation



The reception of stocks of products in our secure area is accompanied by a thorough preparation of production.
A great deal of work is carried out upstream between our project managers and your team: analysis of product categories and sub-categories, study of their composition, organisation of production flows, recovery objectives, validation of identified issues, planning. The quality of this work is critical to the proper execution of the following steps.
Illustration de l'étape de démontage



Dismantling is managed by our project managers and carried out in our workshops.
Handling is carried out by integration workers, who are employees of Chantiers d'Insertion. They undergo training prior to each production run, in order to familiarise themselves with the product type, learn the special gestures required and understand the materials we are looking for.
The products are then distributed to each workshop for manual dismantling, which optimises both the time spent and the "99.9% clean" materials recovered.
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The flow of materials through recycling channels requires in-depth knowledge of the nature of the products recovered.
This identification work, carried out upstream with the data collected from you or your suppliers, sometimes requires our validation, notably concerning the different polymers that can be encountered, mainly in the soles of shoes. We have a test bench with infra-red spectrometers which enable us to authenticate the precise composition of any suspect material.
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The materials we obtain in a raw, "99.9% clean" state can be processed to meet the requirements of our industrial partners.
We have the capacity, first of all, to store the materials in order to build up critical volumes of interest and then to transform these materials into an appropriate format: granules, powder, ground material, etc...
In this way, we deliver a RRM, recycled raw material, to industrialists who will make good use of it in their own production.
Our customers.

To date, 7 companies representing 17 Houses have placed their trust in us.

To industrialists
who are looking for RRM?

Whether you are manufacturers of basic raw materials, processors of intermediate products, or manufacturers of finished products, please contact us.

We have a recurring supply of materials that may be of interest to you: polymers, rubber, leather, textiles, metals, wood, etc.

We can make them available to you, on preferential terms, and in several sizes: raw, granulated, micronized, compounded, frayed, etc...

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Our partners.
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Here are our answers to your questions about ReValorem.

What types of products do you handle?

ReValorem processes most forms of Luxury goods: shoes, leather goods, ready-to-wear clothing, eyewear and accessories. We also process untreated raw materials, unused materials or production offcuts: mainly leather & textiles.

What does your service cost?

Our service is subject to a 2-stage pricing system:

1. A fixed price determined together with you, in order to finance a feasibility pilot project. At the end of this Pilot, we will provide you with a set of specifications and a price list per item.

2. The price list per item, calculated on the basis of a unique, all-in, hourly production rate, is presented in the form of an abacus "X% recovery compared to unit cost". This allows you to place the cursor where you wish, according to the recovery target you fix.

Our services are invoiced according to the amount of time spent, based on an average daily rate and the level of expertise of the persons involved. Billing may be fixed fee or hourly.

What do you do with the recovered materials?

In an initial stage, materials (sorted by Customer / Material / Colour) are processed: by grinding, granulation, shredding, etc. according to the condition required by future users. In a second stage, materials are offered to our customers for reintegration within a closed loop.
Finally, in a third stage, materials are marketed for external use. Any sale proceeds are passed on to our customers.

What do you do with materials that are not reused?

The materials that cannot be recovered at all, representing the (1-X)% above, are destroyed via conventional channels.

What role do the Insertion Workshops play in your activity?

The Professional Integration Workshops play an essential role at ReValorem, both in terms of what they do and what they are.

Thanks to our clients, we provide employment and qualifications to people who very often find themselves in precarious situations. Thus, for every 100,000 pairs of shoes processed on an annual basis, we help create 20 production and management jobs.

What does the A.G.E.C. law of 10 February 2020 say?

Enacted on 10 February 2020, the law on the fight against waste and the circular economy aims to accelerate change in production and consumption patterns in order to reduce waste and protect natural resources, biodiversity and the climate. The destruction of new, unsold non-food items is prohibited as a matter of principle. Companies must, subject to some exceptions, donate or recycle their products by no later than the end of 2021 or 2023, depending upon the sector.

Link: Law of 10 February 2020 on the fight against waste and the circular economy

Link: LAW No. 2020-105 of 10 February 2020 on the fight against waste and the circular economy

Who are we?

Based in Paris, we are entrepreneurs at the service of the luxury industries.

We have put together an enthusiastic team: young engineers, project managers, industrial experts, all of whom are aware and informed of both the craftsmanship involved in beautiful products and works, and also the social and environmental issues.

François Marie Barrès - DG ReValorem

The seals
of the ReValorem commitment.

In order to enable our customers and partners to testify, as we do, to our commitment to recycling and recycling of unsold items, we have created this seal to be affixed to any support.

Free of rights, it can be used spontaneously by any company or person in good faith.

In February 2021, ReValorem received the "B Corp Pending" certification reserved for young companies committed to responsible capitalism, i.e. looking for a profitable activity that takes into consideration the general good, the preservation of our Planet's resources, and respect for the men & women who work directly or indirectly for the company.

This is our commitment, now statutory.

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